Friday, February 06, 2004

Ok, so here's a little bio on Janet Jackson. I just realized I've been babbeling away without any background on this number.

Janet Damita Jo Jackson was born on May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana. She's the youngest of 9 children born to Joe and Katherine Jackson. Growing up in the Jackson family, Janet was aware of the lures of performance early on. Since the Jackson 5 were already stars by the time Janet was a teenager, it may never have occurred to her that it was possible to fail in show business.

As she grew older, her interests branched out into several directions -- dancing, acting and singing. She appeared on stage in her brothers' show in 1973, when she was only seven years old. In 1977, Norman Lear offered her a job on Good Times on CBS. After that, she began appearing on other TV shows such as Diff'rent Strokes and A New Kind of Family.

If you're into finding out more about Janet & seeing some naughty pics of celebs I found this link out there (if you're into that stuff - be warned it's a nude celeb site but apparently someone told me they have some more bio info and pics inside)

If you are offended by this link and I get enough requests I'll remove it. I do not condone or endorse it, but thought with all the rukus about this celebrity stuff and nudity it would be appropriate to report on, and link to a nude celeb site in conjunction with our narrative. To ensure parents can block this type of content I made sure that this blog was registered with cybersitter, netnanny and a few other filtering services. I'm a strong believer in Free Speech but also parents rights to keep their kids away from what they consider to be inappropriate material...


Ahh, can you believe it? The drama is STILLLLLLLLLLLL going on!!!!

Amazing how a boob can cause so much ruckus. Imagine if all the boobs in National Geographic caused this much hoopla.

Here's a link about Janet getting UN-invited to the Grammys.

Here's the newest bit of legal news I've collected on Janet & Justin's titsuprise. It's talking about how there may be a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against them. http://www.nbc4.com/entertainment/2826741/detail.html


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake pulled one of the wildest stunts on mainstream TV that our country has seen....TO date...

I'd expect that we'll see more and more of this now that the bar has been raised or lowered, depending on your viewpoint.

I'll post a few links here shortly with clips and shots of the event, so be warned, it's gonna get spicey here!

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